Our second Girl Scout meeting

WOWRCMy Brownies were introduced to the WOW( Wonders of Water )journey this week. This journey is designed for Brownies pledge to LOVE water by protecting it, then team up to advocate for other people to SAVE water, too. As they SHARE what they …have learned, they find they can inspire even more people to protect Earth’s water. Along the way,  My Brownies will learn about the water cycle through a “Green Tea for the Blue Planet,” and enjoy making their own rainbows as they explore the precious resource of water.
During this session we also taught the girls about having a balanced diet through the “Choose my plate” activity.  Each girl had the opportunity to share their favorite vegetables,proteins,grains and fruits. Toward the end of the meeting the girls shared one entry out of their ” Girl Scout Experience Journals”.
We have only had two meetings and the sisterhood is blooming so strongly!
I love my girls!
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Our 1st meeting: Rock Creek Girl Scouts

RC Troop 1st meeting

I am officially a Girl Scout Young Leader! I will be leading three Girl Scouts troops for the next six weeks along with my fellow spelman sister( class of 2003). The first meeting was dedicated to helping the girls get familiar with Girl scouts. We taught them: The Girl Scout Law, Girl Scout Promise and Girl Scout Handshake.  The girls also had the opportunity to create their own rules, sing the make new friends song and make a friendship squeeze. During the closing, each girl shared something they wanted to learn, one girl stated ” I want to learn to how be a leader like Miss Layilah one day”.  Another girl asked me ” Miss Layilah is this your first time leading a troop” I responded “ Yes, how do you know?” she said ” Because you won’t stop smiling”.

I am so thrilled to have this opportunity and my plan for the next six weeks is to help these girls gain Courage, Confidence and Character to make the world a better place(Our mission). My plan is to guide these girls to always ” Be prepared”  ( Our motto). My plan is also to encourage these young woman to ” Do a good turn daily”( Our slogan).  The power within Girl Scout is so puissant! Its truly a pleasure to help these girls begin their journey with Girl Scout sisterhood.

STAY TUNED for more updates

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Expert from “How to be your own Best Friend”

I wanted to share a paragraph out of ” How to be your own Best Friend” by Mildred Newman and Brenard Berkowitz which really resonated with me. It basically explains how many people carry unsettling experiences as children into adulthood which creates negative lasting effects.
“  Sometimes they secretly believe that if they keep on long enough with misconceived behavior, they’ll make it right…….. Some people feel very justified in that anger; they can give you all the details on how unfairly they were treated. They are usually right; they did get cheated as children. But what they don’t see us that they are now cheating themselves as adults. As long as they spend their energies being angry at the people who deprived them once, they won’t spend their efforts on getting for themselves what they need now. Their rage isn’t hurting their parents, but its crippling now their own children”
We all undergo many challenges throughout life, Simply so we can grow, learn and move on to bigger yet better things. Its unfair to place the burden of past events upon your love ones.  One of the hardest things for people is letting go. Don’t let other peoples mistakes take over your life!
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Modeling for The Greater VA bridal show



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Girl Scout Adult Membership pin

pinI received my adult membership pin. We had a mini investiture ceremony last night. So excited to have my own troop of young girls who are unfamiliar with Girl Scouts.

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GSCNC Young Leaders Program 2014

I am so excited to announce that I will be one of the Young Leaders in Montgomery County!   Check out the information below for more details.



The Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital’s (GSCNC) Young Leaders Program (YLP) connects college students and young professionals to lead Girl Scout troops for girls from underserved communities in the Washington Metropolitan region.

Young Leaders run sampler troops, helping girls in the troop build courage, confidence and character, and the skills to make the world a better place. Leaders experience empowerment, leadership, and an opportunity to make a difference.

YLP troops are located in area public schools and a select number of private and charter schools. Girls in YLP troops are between the ages of 5 and 14. While in YLP troops, girls experience the traditions of Girl Scouting, as well as activities involving health, fitness, science, art, literacy, career exploration, and culture. At the end of the program, the goal is to transition the sampler troop to a long-term traditional troop.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to run my own troop of girls who are unfamiliar with Girl Scouts.                Stay tuned for more blogs about my experience  


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Volunteering at Spelman College Founders Day Festival

Founder sajndajFounder day 1

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Judging the Miss Teen Maryland International/ Pre-teen MD pageant

judgesI was crowned Miss Teen Maryland International in 2012. My platform was Girl Power: Girl Scouts of America. As a titleholder, I traveled around Maryland encouraging girls to get involved in service and Girl Scouts. I was the spokesperson for GSCNC for one year. I also become a Public Relations intern at GSCNC. Currently, I am Girl Scout of Greater Atlanta Volunteer and a Girl Scout Life-Long Member

This year I had the wonderful experience of sitting on the other side of the table. I was a Pre-teen and Junior Teen judge! Believe me when I say this was not an easy task. All the contestants had such great personalities and the level of energy from the audience was GREAT!  Congratulations to all the new titleholders!

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Childspring International 6th Annual Gala


Gala 17My fellow Spelman sisters and I enjoyed being apart of such a great cause. Childspring International is a children’s medical charity providing medical care and opportunities for a better life to children around the world. The vision of Childspring International is to become internationally recognized as the leading facilitator of medical care for children in need.
I began the night volunteering as greeter! I was introduced to different doctors, lawyers, CEO’S etc. simply from welcoming them to the gala. I also met Former NBA star Dikembe Mutombo, he was about 7’2 tall ( Check out his GEICO commercial).  There was a great turnout of about 250 people supporting this amazing organization! I was apart of the live auction team toward the end of the gala. My job was to encourage people to buy these wonderful prize packages! I think trying to sell the 20,000 super bowl packet was by far the most difficult!
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Coretta Scott King Health and Wellness Fair

rphoto 4

I had the opportunity to volunteer for this wonderful event hosted by The Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy! I was able to be apart of the fuel up station serving Heart Health snacks after the one mile walk! This event also had several vendors including Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, Live chefs and other wellness related vendors! This event provided FREE health and wellness resources. As you guys may know my school( Spelman College) has launched a huge health and wellness revolution program. so I was extremely excited to spread my knowledge about the importance of wellness.

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