Judging the Miss Teen Maryland International/ Pre-teen MD pageant

judgesI was crowned Miss Teen Maryland International in 2012. My platform was Girl Power: Girl Scouts of America. As a titleholder, I traveled around Maryland encouraging girls to get involved in service and Girl Scouts. I was the spokesperson for GSCNC for one year. I also become a Public Relations intern at GSCNC. Currently, I am Girl Scout of Greater Atlanta Volunteer and a Girl Scout Life-Long Member

This year I had the wonderful experience of sitting on the other side of the table. I was a Pre-teen and Junior Teen judge! Believe me when I say this was not an easy task. All the contestants had such great personalities and the level of energy from the audience was GREAT!  Congratulations to all the new titleholders!

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Childspring International 6th Annual Gala


Gala 17My fellow Spelman sisters and I enjoyed being apart of such a great cause. Childspring International is a children’s medical charity providing medical care and opportunities for a better life to children around the world. The vision of Childspring International is to become internationally recognized as the leading facilitator of medical care for children in need.
I began the night volunteering as greeter! I was introduced to different doctors, lawyers, CEO’S etc. simply from welcoming them to the gala. I also met Former NBA star Dikembe Mutombo, he was about 7’2 tall ( Check out his GEICO commercial).  There was a great turnout of about 250 people supporting this amazing organization! I was apart of the live auction team toward the end of the gala. My job was to encourage people to buy these wonderful prize packages! I think trying to sell the 20,000 super bowl packet was by far the most difficult!
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Coretta Scott King Health and Wellness Fair

rphoto 4

I had the opportunity to volunteer for this wonderful event hosted by The Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy! I was able to be apart of the fuel up station serving Heart Health snacks after the one mile walk! This event also had several vendors including Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, Live chefs and other wellness related vendors! This event provided FREE health and wellness resources. As you guys may know my school( Spelman College) has launched a huge health and wellness revolution program. so I was extremely excited to spread my knowledge about the importance of wellness.

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ROAD to Miss Teen America Journey BEGINS: GOFUNDMEPAGE


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Thank you for taking the time to read my GOFundMe page and considering my sponsorship request. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Layilah Nasser, I am currently a first year student at Spelman College. Some of my achievements include winning the photogenic award at Miss Georgia Teen USA pageant 2014, Life-long Girl Scout member and serving as a Public Relations Intern for Girl Scout of the nations capital. I have also served as a Girl Scout for 13 years. As a first grader, I was introduced to this wonderful organization. Their mission is predicated upon helping girls acquire the endurance, disposition, confidence to take action. The Miss Teen America Scholarship program celebrates community service, healthy living and accomplishments of young women. The competition will be held on August 1-2 at the Sandler Center in VA Beach. If I do become Miss Teen America, I will receive a scholarship to help me continue my education and the opportunity to use this title spread more awareness for Girl Scouts of America. The Sponsorship fee is 1100, you can contribute as much as possible. The sponsorship fee helps to pay for administrative expenses, advertising, lodging and other pageant expenses. I sincerely hope you will celebrate with me!  www.missteenamerica.com

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Martin Luther King Day 2014


We began our day with volunteering for the MLK 5K race! After the race we went to visit the MLK national historic site in Downtown Atlanta. What a great day of service!



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Featured in the Spelman College 2017 newsletter !


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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

DV October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, This is social issue that is very important to me. After many years ,I have finally found the courage to Speak up and Speak out about my domestic violence experience, I realized that I was blaming myself which allowed me to accept being mistreated. This whole experience lead me to my career path, I would like to purse a career in Clinical Forensic Psychology. I plan to work with a variety of aspects of the justice systems, working with inmates to understand the thought process before committed crimes like domestic violence, murder and rape specifically. I believe in resilience and after this experience I have gained a strong sense in self and created a long term goal.

Domestic Violence; It’s EVERYBODY’S Business.
Please join us in supporting Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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Spelman College: Girl Power Member

Girl PWR

I just got a call informing me that I have been accepted into Spelman GIRL-PWR Program!

The Girl Power Foundation (GRL-PWR) is a non-profit organization that teaches girls the importance of building a strong self-esteem, setting goals to achieve, and serving others.
Our goal is to prevent young girls from becoming statistics by giving them the tools they need to feel confident and become successful

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Girl scout of Greater Atlanta Volunteer!



I am thrilled to begin my journey with the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta!

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Girl Scouts Panel Member

Today, I had the opportunity to represent Girl Scouts as I participated in a panel with members from Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy. We discussed the Forever Green program and sustainability! The Innovation Center was founded by dairy pro…ducers in 2008 as a way to help the dairy industry work together on issues and opportunities that affect the entire industry, but are too big for any one company or segment of the supply chain to tackle alone. It represents leading dairy producer and processor organizations who are working together pre-competitively to develop shared strategies and insights that can help the entire dairy industry.
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